Real Smallholders


Read about all the amazing smallholdings out there!

Read the adventures of smallholders who have achieved their dream. From having a flock of chickens to selling their own meat. They tell us how they started, why they chose their livestock and what keeps them going.

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Emma & Stuart Collison, Moor View Alpacas, Cornwall

When Stuart and I signed the papers for the Farm, most of our friends and family thought we were mad, and most of them also thought a Farm was the last place they would find me, especially as I had done Theatre and Performance at Uni - not Agricultural Studies.


Enid & Ben Barnfield, Mendips, Somerset

Quite early on it became obvious that Bobby was a little different – he had a much stronger bond to us, and in particular to Ben, than any of the other lambs. We had promised the lambs to our neighbour and friend Farmer Miles but when it came to it, we couldn’t part with Bobby and decided to keep him as a pet.


Jill McAree, Knapp Farm, Ledbury

I will try to quantify what I've learnt over the last nearly 50 years with my smallholdings and I hope some of it will be helpful, as I really think you have to end up with even a small profit for your own self-esteem!


Jan Oakhill & Ian Sanders, 'Wyntara', New South Wales, Australia

10 years ago, my partner and I sold our hospitality business in Tasmania and joined the ever growing throng of nomads travelling in caravans and working their way around Australia. We had a vague idea that we “wanted to live on the land”, but were unsure of just where about! I am a firm believer of fate playing you your deciding hand, and after a few hiccups, we found our Nirvana in the beautiful Dungowan Valley, about 35 kilometres south east of Tamworth, Country Music capital of Australia.


Debbie Kingsley & Andrew Hubbard, South Yeo Farm West, Devon

We arrived with a small flock of Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep, some geese, ducks and our trusty guard llama Humphrey. These days we have a pedigree suckler herd of Devon Ruby cattle, three flocks of pedigree sheep (the traditional Torddu Badger Face, the Torwen Badger Face and Whiteface Dartmoors) plus one or two commercial mule sheep.