The Smallholder Series supports 'The Campaign for Wool'

A Simple Guide to Ewe Nutrition in Late Pregnancy (105-147days)
Be Prepared for Tupping Time (Chris Lewis)
Better Ewe Nutrition, Part 1 - The Role of Grass
Better Ewe Nutrition, Part 2 - The Role of Supplementary Feeding
Choosing a Ram
Choosing the Right Breed of Sheep
Coccidiosis in Lambs
Example Flock Health Plan - Autumn 2013
From Tupping to Lambing (Chris Lewis)
Happy Feet! - How to Combat Occasional and Persistent Lameness in Your Flock
Health & Safety Executive (HSE) "Advice for Women at Lambing Time"
Ladies in Waiting - The Best Care for Your Pregnant Ewes
Lambing 1 - Pregnancy Management & Nutrition of the Ewe
Lambing 2 - Metabolic Diseases of the Ewe
Lambing 3 - When the Shepherd Needs to Intervene, and When to Call the Vet
Lambing 4 - Helping the Newborn Lamb
Lambing 5 - The Growing Lamb
Lambing Equipment List
Lambing Preparation - For a Healthy & Environment Friendly Flock!
Lambing Time (Chris Lewis)
Learn At Home From The Experts!
Legal Documents & Paperwork - a guide to registering your sheep
Liver Fluke in Sheep
Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep - Part One – Understanding the Problem
Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep - Part Three – Sustainable Control
Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep - Part Two – A Strategy for Your Flock
Managing Our Flocks and Herds in an Environmentally-Friendly Way
Nutritional Management of the Ewe in Late Pregnancy
Producing Your Own Sheepskin
Q Fever in Sheep and Goats
Quick Guide to Sheep Terms
Raising Sheep for Wool
Recommendations for use of NEW orange group wormer for sheep (Lesley Stubbings)
Sample Flock Health Plan
SCOPS warns of Challenging Season for Sheep Farmers as Blowflies Strike Early
Selecting for sound feet - a neglected aspect of sheep breeding (Agnes Winter)
Shearing Your Sheep - Why, When and How
Sheep - Basic Equipment List
Sheep - Marketing Your Products
Sheep Behaviour & Humane Handling
Sheep Breeds
The Importance of Monitoring Body Condition (Agnes Winter)
The Right Land for Sheep
The Role of Supplementary Feeding
Watch Out for Sheep Scab (Lesley Stubbings)
Your Flock - The Cycle of Life