In the Vegetable Garden - Things to do this Month - March


Hopefully you’ll have been spending the dark winter evenings in the gym getting fit ready for the lengthening days in March, when you will, of course, be spending every spare daylight hour hoeing, sowing, planting and weeding!

  • Nip weeds in the bud – keep the hoe busy throughout the season!
  • Think about protection from slugs for your precious seedlings (see our ‘Slug Beater Guide’ for ideas on how to beat them)
  • Protect tender crops sown last month, use fleece or cloches
  • Sow more peas & broad beans for successional cropping
  • In the south, plant early potatoes – earth up to provide protection from frost
  • Use cloches to warm and dry the soil prior to sowing the following: Salad leaves / Peas / Baby beetroots / Carrots / Parsnips / Turnips
  • Sow the following under glass or in the Polytunnel: Cauliflowers / Summer Cabbage / Sprouts / Onions
  • Indoors, or in a heated propagator, sow: Tomatoes / Cucumbers / Peppers / Aubergines