In the Vegetable Garden - Things to do this Month - July


Water the vegetable plot regularly to ensure good germination of seeds and prevent checks in growing plants. Mulching after a good watering will help the soil retain moisture in dry conditions (use composted lawn clippings, newspaper, etc. – but be careful to avoid anything that’s been in contact with weedkiller!).

  • Hoe the plot regularly in dry weather: daily is best, this both uproots weeds and helps the soil absorb water when it rains
  • Potatoes: harvest early varieties, and watch out for blight on maincrops (brown, blotchy leaves – remove at the first sign); consider sowing a green manure where you’ve dug potatoes (phacelia is very pretty!)
  • There’s still time to sow some crops from seed: lettuce, spring cabbage (lime soil first), spinach, chicory, peas (choose a fast-maturing early variety), French beans, carrots, beetroot, radishes, spring onions – download a copy of our seasonal Vegetable Planting Guide HERE
  • Continue thinning root crops: carrots, parsnips, beetroot, turnip, radish, etc.
  • Transplant any remaining leek seedlings to their final growing position when they’re about pencil-thick, and water-in well
  • Be vigilant for slugs, consider nematode control (
  • Feed tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers every week – use proprietary tomato feed or home-made nettle or comfrey fertiliser (see HERE for instructions).