In the Vegetable Garden - Things to do this Month - December

leek-in-snowYou’d think everything would be quietening down on the veggie plot … far from it! The colder weather marks the end of this year’s growing season, but there’s plenty to do to get ready for next year.

  • Follow the first principle of PERMACULTURE: add as much well-rotted organic matter to unplanted areas of your vegetable plot as possible – it will provide both nutrients and condition – to light and heavy soils, and feed the worms so you’ll have less soil cultivation to do next spring!
  • If the ground isn’t frozen solid, this is the ideal time to lift PARSNIPS and store in a cool place close to the house.
  • TIDY THE PLOT: remove all yellow and dead leaves from over-wintered brassicas; empty the greenhouse and scrub with Jeyes fluid.
  • PLANNING: draw a plan of your plot and sketch in your planting layout for this year – then, when you come to plan next year’s planting you will be able to rotate the plant groups. Leave it to next year and you will have forgotten!
  • DIG A NEW VEGETABLE BED: a great way to keep warm and fit during the winter months and expand your vegetable area (who needs an unproductive lawn)! Try to avoid treading wet soil too much as it will lead to compaction, and add plenty of manure (or lime, depending on soil type, but not both together) as you dig.