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Revolutionise Your Riding with the Alexander Technique

Sally A. Tottle MSTAT


A teacher of the Alexander Technique for more than 18 years, Sally’s unique BodySense method for horse riders has been widely featured in the press and on TV, emphasising its benefits to horse and rider, enabling both to develop their full potential in a unique, fun and genuinely life-enhancing way!

BodySenseBy demonstrating how habitual misuse of the body creates tension, leading to pain and injury, Sally’s innovative teaching method has attracted students from around the world. Her widely acclaimed book BodySense, written for horse riders, is now one of the standard texts on the subject of performance enhancement using the Alexander Technique.

Sally runs her world-famous BodySense courses for riders at a number of locations, helping riders in all disciplines to achieve the poise and balance needed to allow both their, and their horses’ bodies to work more efficiently, and with less effort.

A keen rider since the age of seven, Sally lives, teaches and keeps her two horses in the border country between England and Wales, and travels throughout Europe to deliver BodySense courses.




“The Alexander Technique is one of the most valuable tools a rider can possess - and Sally Tottle’s innovative teaching methods make it simple and fun to learn.”
Carl Hester, Olympic Dressage Rider

“Horse people have started to realise the enormous benefits the Alexander Technique can bring to their riding. In a simple, stress-free way, Sally helps riders to improve their posture and achieve a correct, classical position.”
Alison Bridge, Editor, Horse & Rider Magazine




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