Pasteurellosis in Sheep

Moredun-logoSummary written by Professor Willie Donachie BSc PhD

Taken from Moredun Foundation Newsheet Volume 2 No. 17 (1997)



  • ewe-and-lambsThis newsheet will bring you up to date with the reclassification of the two Mannheima (formerlyPasteurella) haemolytica biotypes into two distinct species of bacteria and the fundamental role Moredun has played in the discovery and development of the new vaccines.
  • Pasteurellosis is the most serious respiratory disease in sheep.
  • Pneumonic pasteurellosis in lambs and sheep is caused by M.(P.) haemolytica
  • Systemic pasteurellosis in hoggs is caused by P. trehalosi
  • Both species of Pasteurella are found in the noses and tonsils of normal healthy sheep.
  • Predisposing or "trigger" factors are important in the onset of pasteurellosis
    • management factors- M.(P.) haemolytica and P. trehalosi
    • other infectious agents - M.(P.) haemolytica
  • Diagnosis is dependant on culture of the bacterium from the lungs and other organs and typing of the isolated bacteria
  • Pasteurellosis can be treated with antibiotics
  • Vaccines offer the best means of control
  • Different vaccination schedules are necessary for:
    • hoggets, gimmers and ewes
    • lambs
    • stock hoggs
  • When using vaccines the recommended dosages and number of doses must be administered correctly to ensure complete protection.
  • Other less common forms of pasteurellosis include arthritis and mastitis



sheep cover2 smMore information on disease prevention can be found on the DVD 'Managing Your Flock for Peak Health' - programme 2 in the series 'Sheep on Your Smallholding'.







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