Taken from Jocasta Innes' Country Kitchen book

A fermented lemon drink hotted up with ginger.


30g (1oz) fresh ginger or 1 tbsp ground ginger
500g (1lb) granulated sugar
5 litres (1 gallon) water
2 lemons
7g (ΒΌ oz) cream of tartar
1 tsp brewers' yeast


  • Grate the fresh ginger or pound it in a mortar and put it in a bucket with the sugar.
  • Pour on boiling water and stir to dissolve.
  • Squeeze the lemons and add the juice and the rinds to the liquid, plus the cream of tartar, dissolved in the lemon juice.
  • When cooled to a tepid temperature sprinkle the yeast over.
  • Cover and leave for 2 days.
  • Strain the contents into a clean bucket and then siphon off into screwtop bottles.
  • Ready to drink after 3 days.