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The Farming community is being currently targeted by professional thieves. An estimated £70m worth of plant and agricultural machinery is stolen each year with only 5% of it recovered. Thieves are now also targeting live stock, metal and diesel. This is set to increase with the economic downturn and rising metal and diesel prices.

ace defence cameraAce Defence can now help protect your assets with a cost effective, wireless video alarm that is monitored 24/7 365 days a year. Up until now the only security solutions available have been expensive wired alarm and CCTV products. Our system is totally wireless and, can be installed in a matter of hours giving you immediate protection. As it is battery operated using mobile data communication, we can help secure remote areas. You may also choose to use the system to monitor staff and livestock as part of a general management tool.



As our systems can be extended to cover several areas within a 200-300m range, you can cover several buildings and yards on one system. In addition to our monitoring staff calling you to inform you of an intrusion, you can also see the video activation on your phone, allowing you to view the incident and respond appropriately. You can also activate a 2 way audio system and set off a siren to warn of thieves.

Our system was recently used as a solution for Mole Valley Farmers, to protect their equipment and plants. After their Frome store in Somerset suffered a series of thefts, we were contacted to provide a wireless solution that could be easily relocated around the site. They had an alarm system which was prone to a high number of false alarms with wildlife and was not fit for the task. Since the Installation the system there has been no further incidents of theft, indicating that the system has acted as an excellent deterrent. In addition the false alarms have been completely removed, avoiding further costly guarded callouts and unwelcome calls to the owners late at night.

Features of the Ace Defence Wireless Battery Farm CCTV Camera Solution:

  • No mains power required – 2 year CCTV camera battery life
  • Totally wireless, no cables, ADSL broadband or power required
  • Easy and low cost installation for the Farm security camera monitoring solution
  • Easy de-install and transfer to other areas and locations on the Farm
  • Robust PIR motion sensor CCTV cameras with motion detection
  • 10 second video clip of intrusion sent over the mobile phone network to the Remote Video Response Centre
  • Up to 20 battery powered camera sensors on a single Farm
  • NSI Gold Approved Monitoring Station - web-enabled mobile phone devices and computers
  • Good value rental or purchase prices

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Have a look at these CCTV videos showing actual thefts:





Ace-Defence-Flyer-imageSee the Ace Defence leaflet for further information on Motion Activated CCTV.









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