Damson Vodka


1lb damsons
500g sugar
1 litre vodka

Any vodka will do - supermarket own brand is fine.


  • Break damson skins with a sharp knife
  • Add the damsons to a large jar with a tight fitting lid such as a kilner jar
  • Add the sugar
  • Add the vodka
  • Close the lid and swirl the contents of the jar around to mix in the sugar.
  • Store in the cupboard, making sure you give the jar a good swirl daily until the sugar has dissolved. Then swirl weekly.
  • Leave for at least four months (in time for Christmas) and then taste. Add more sugar if desired.
  • Strain through a muslin and bottle.
  • Best served with ice.

I like to leave my damson vodka for a year before bottling. I bottle one batch when the following years damsons are ready. This is very difficult with your first batch as you'll be eager to taste it, but worth the wait.

You can also use the same recipe for Damson Gin!
Or substitute the damsons for blackberries to make Blackberry Vodka.