Broad Bean Pod Fritters

Taken from the Abel and Cole website.

A great way to use up broad bean pods instead of composting them.


10-12 broad bean pods
2 mugs of flour
1 mug of milk
A good pinch of sea salt, pepper and chilli powder (or any other punchy spice)
Sunflower oil, for frying


  • Tear the broad bean pods along their seam. Trim any string sides off. Cut each pod half into 3-4cm pieces - if you do this at a diagonally angle it looks fancier.
  • Place in a large shallow bowl or on a plate. Season it well.
  • Place the milk in a separate bowl, much the same sizes.
  • Dredge the trimmed pods through the flour. Dip in the milk. Dredge through the flour again.
  • You can deep or shallow fry them. Do this until golden. Let them cool slightly.
  • You can eat them like this, but if you want them extra crispy, give them one more dip in the hot oil. They're extra morish this way.
  • Dust with salt (and any other spices you have chosen) and serve. 

To Serve

Delicious on their own. Also very yummy with a dip like the sticky Red Chilli Jam from Abel and Cole.