Feeding Horses


World Horse Welfare is an international horse charity - founded in 1927 - that improves the lives of horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning, and hands-on care.

Below is a summary taken from an article by World Horse Welfare.



horses grazingPeople often call the World Horse Welfare Advice Line to ask how they should feed their horse or pony. In order to offer guidance, we must consider why an animal requires food, how it feeds in its natural state, and what the basic rules of feeding are...





All animals require food to maintain bodily condition, provide the raw materials for growth, repair damaged tissues and provide energy for work or exercise.

The horse is a grazing animal, designed to eat almost constantly throughout the day. Their natural feed is grass and they have evolved to eat for 18 out of the 24 hours.

Rules of Feeding

  • Feed little and often
  • Feed plenty of bulk and roughage such as grass, hay, haylage, etc
  • Feed according to size of horse and workload
  • Keep a check on your horse‚Äôs condition
  • Do not make sudden changes to the diet:
  • Keep to the same times of feeding each day
  • Ensure that both feed and feeding utensils are clean
  • Feed something succulent each day
  • Do not do fast work immediately after feeding
  • Provide a constant supply of fresh water

For advice on the most suitable feed for your particular horse or pony, you can either consult your own veterinary surgeon or one of the helplines provided by the feed manufacturers. You can also call the World Horse Welfare Advice Line on 01953 497238.


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