Duck Breasts with Citrus Glaze

By Country Smallholding Magazine

Serves 4


2 large grapefruit
1 orange
50g light muscovado sugar
4 duck breasts
salt and pepper
1tbsp dark muscovado sugar
2tbsp olive oil


  • Remove the zest (avoiding the white pith) from the grapefruit and orange, using a vegetable peeler
  • Cut the peel into very fine shreds
  • Remove the white pith from the fruit and separate the fruit into segments
  • Place the peel and the light muscovado sugar in a small pan and add enough water to cover the peel
  • Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes until the peel is soft and the liquid is syrupy
  • Remove from the heat and taste - add a little more sugar if you prefer it sweeter, and set the glaze aside
  • Score the skin of the duck breasts with a sharp knife in a criss-cross pattern and rub with salt, pepper and the dark muscovado sugar
  • Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and place the duck breasts skin side down - cook for about 5 minutes until golden
  • Turn over and cook the other side until done to your liking
  • Slice each duck breast diagonally into 5-6 slices and arrange on warmed plates
  • Arrange a few fruit segments on each plate and spoon the glaze over - serve immediately