Roast Leg of Lamb with Thyme, Orange & Anchovy Sauce

Serves 4-6

For the lamb:


1kg / 2.2lb leg of lamb joint
2 garlic cloves - sliced
3 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
2 tbsp olive oil
1kg potatoes - peeled and par-boiled for 10 minutes

Cooking time:

Medium - 25 minues per 450g / 1lb plus 25 minutes
Well done - 30 minutes per 450g / 1lb plus 30 minutes


  • Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4-5, 180-190°C, 350-375°F
  • Using a sharp knife, make deep cuts all over the joint
  • Stuff the cuts with the garlic and thyme
  • Place in a roasting pan and drizzle with oil
  • Roast (not covered) for the preferred time (see cooking time above)
  • Add the potatoes to the roasting pan 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time
  • Once cooked, cover the lamb and leave to rest for 10-15 minues while keeping the potatoes warm - or return potatoes to the oven to crispen up

For the sauce:


1 x 50g can anchovy fillets - drained and mashed
1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
Zest and juice of two oranges
1 x 284ml carton double cream


  • Skim off excess fat from toasting pan
  • Add all the ingredients and bring to the boil, stirring until thickened and smooth

To Serve

Serve the lamb, potatoes and sauce with seasonal vegetables