Sheep - Basic Equipment List

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Basic equipment required – supplier details and costs







A trailer is an expensive item, but essential for taking a sick animal to the vet – if you belong to a smallholder group, it may be possible to share one, or look out for a good second-hand one at farm sales

Example cost:
Ifor Williams Trailers ( P6E 6’x4’ - from £1,210 + VAT
Graham Edwards Trailers ( 8’x5’ - £3,075 + VAT

Portable hurdles

Enough to make a holding pen and rudimentary handling system

Example cost:
6ft sheep hurdles galvanised ( 22.00 plus VAT each
6ft sheep hurdles galvanised  heavy duty ( £23.16 each

Feed troughs and buckets

Example cost:
Galvanised feed trough 125cm long ( - £29.99
Feeding bucket ( - £8.34

Water troughs and water supply

Mains or from a towable tank, or bowser

Example cost:
Galvanised 6’ standard water trough ( - £77.75 plus VAT (without water pipe / fittings etc)
JFC water trough 10gall – plastic ( - £61.92


For field and indoors

Example cost:
Indoor’ waste-not rack’ ( - £26.00
Outdoor wheeled sheep rack 125cmm long ( - £149.82 plus VAT

Foot shears and cleansing spray

Example cost:
Myti-lite footshears ( - £13.48
Cox’s footrot shears ( - £14.49
Ritchey Footcare & Cleansing Spray 500ml ( - £4.14

Footbath (and footbath solution)

Example cost:
Barrier V disinfectant 500ml ( - £4.70
Sheep footbath plastic walkthrough tray ( - £84.88
Disinfectant mat ( - £106.20

Dagging shears

For trimming dirty wool

Example cost:
Dagging shears incurved bow 6.5 x pair ( - £30.98
Burgon & Ball Double Bow Sheep Shears (Bent) - 6.5in ( - £18.50 plus VAT

Drenching gun

Buy one with two nozzles, one for worming and the other for applying ‘pour-on’ protection against fly strike

Example cost:
Cydectin oral drench gun ( - £25.00
Auto drencher 20ml ( - £63.00

Syringe & needles (or better still an automatic vaccinator)

Example cost:
Luer disposable syringe 2ml-50ml ( - 22p–£1.18 each (needles not included)
Luer disposable needles ( - 12p–14p each
Vetmatic 5ml Auto Vaccinator ( - £52.75

Headstall, and/or a ‘stretcher’

Invaluable aids for immobilising your sheep when you need to treat them

Example cost:
Shepherds mate portable head gate ( - £79.99
Sheep & calf headstock ( - £88.25 +VAT
Galvanised sheep sofa ( - £99.99



All costs are examples of new equipment - as of September 2013

The Smallholder Series does not endorse any of the above products or suppliers - products and suppliers are shown for cost comparison purposes only.

It is much cheaper to buy second hand if you can – ask your local smallholder group if you have one, or try ebay! Always check before you buy  – don’t buy any equipment that looks rusty or damaged.




dvd-setFor further information, see 'Establishing Your Flock', programme 1 in the DVD series 'Sheep on Your Smallholding'.