Helen Howard, Slow Summer Snail Farm, Kent

slow-summer-snail-farm-02Slow Summer Snail Farm is a working farm designed for snails but with children and families in mind.

Our edible snails, Helix aspersa maxima, will be enjoying the outdoors again this year at Grow at Brogdale from late May through until the first frost in October. Brogdale Farm at Faversham is the home of the National Fruit Collection so the snails will be looking forward with us to enjoying this year’s fruit crop.

This is our seventh year of keeping snails and our third year of growing them out of doors in summer. They have quite a lot going for them as farm animals. They don’t take up much space; they are quiet and don’t annoy the neighbours - provided you keep them under control of course!

Slow Summer Snail Farm is the place to come for Snail Smallholder Supplies:

  • mini snail farms: 6 babies snails and everything you need to look after them, which make a good educational gift for children
  • smallholder starter packs
  • breeders
  • snail food
  • hatched eggs
  • one day courses in farming edible snails
  • a Smallholder Guide to farming edible snails

We sell live snails ready to cook to restaurants and enthusiastic cooks.

slow-summer-snail-farmBring your children to our Meet the Snails Activity Days that usually coincide with Brogdale Festival dates through the summer. Check our website for details (www.snailfarm.org.uk). You can watch the way the snails use their antennae and mouths to explore the world around them: to see, taste and feel

  • Admire their brown and gold intricately patterned shells.
  • Tempt them with different kinds of vegetables and fruit to find out which they like best.
  • Handle the snails and feel them gently exploring your fingers
  • See how they use their muscles to move slowly
  • Find out about the history of snail farming
  • Learn all about these intriguing molluscs

Telephone 01227 728613 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a group visit for children. The snails are available to visit schools all year round to take part in Meet the Snails days. They are accompanied by Helen Howard who is a scientist and qualified teacher.