Smallholding Skills - A Guide to Sheep Butchery

butcheryI loved this DVD!

Seriously, it should be compulsory viewing for any smallholder intending getting sheep, and, to be honest, even if they already have them - I learned stacks and I've been keeping sheep for yonks.

Adam Henson is the presenter, and he has such a warm and chatty approach it's like having your best friend up there looking out for you by putting you on the right path, rather than it being preachy and being told, 'you must do this' or 'you must do that.'

What I particularly liked about the DVD is it gets into the nitty-gritty business of what happens when your sheep are ready to go. No matter how experienced you are, this is always a big moment. You need it to be the best it can be, but more than that you need it to work within your set-up and for what you hope to achieve. That feels important. The DVD gives you options, it doesn't tell you you've done it wrong if you've gone for a breed other than commercial, and it feels supportive and inclusive.

The butchery section is particularly good. I loved the way Adam and the butcher showed the steps in such a clear and doable way, and found my fingers itching to have a go, and I'm sure even if you've never butchered anything in your life you'll watch this and feel confident in giving it a go.

I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough. Buy it and watch it.

Simon Dawson, Smallholder and Author


Series 1 - Sheep on Your Smallholding

The 'Sheep on Your Smallholding' DVDs by The Smallholder Series are an incredibly valuable resource for any smallholder who is considering keeping sheep, or indeed anyone who is already keeping sheep and wants more inspiration or knowledge. The DVDs are professionally presented and contain a mass of practical and 'best practice' information that will avoid costly mistakes being made or simply enable sheep keepers to keep their sheep just that little bit better. I would recommend this series to anyone who keeps sheep - whether they are smallholders or not.

Phil Stocker, CEO National Sheep Association


Presented by experts, these easy to understand and enjoyable programmes are full of essential information and will be beneficial to sheep keepers.

Peter Morris, CEO National Sheep Association, 2006-2011


I have bought the 'Sheep on Your Smallholding' series for the library of a Land Based College - I am the purchase librarian. There is little new material produced on sheep, so these were a perfect addition to our collection. Please inform me of any more that you produce.

Jill Neill


The DVD  was very helpful for the novice / small-scale owner. Informative and helpful to have Adam asking additional questions to the experts. The DVD is a much better format than written explanations alone!

Sheryl Wilson


The DVD  was great. I am thinking of now doing the sheepskins as I thought it was going to be very difficult but doesn't look too bad. I am also going to get going on a lamb box scheme this year and hopefully get into some farmers markets in a few years. I already show my sheep so this will become an essential show window. I would also like to get my wool made into useful items to make maximum use of my sheep but that may be in a few more years time. I definitely recommend the DVD to anyone wanting to maximise the output of thir sheep.

Christopher Slee


I enjoyed the DVDs on sheepcare. I only have four pet sheep and found it very useful.

Sue Fryer


The DVDs have fantastic detail both in visual demonstration and verbal information. They have been very valuable to us while we have been lambing .

Graham - Livestock Coordinator / Course Facilitator, Salters Hill Charity


I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVDs, they are both informative and relevant. A must for first timers to lambing!!! It covers all the basics and more.

Anyone purchasing sheep from us, we are referring them to the website and advising them to purchase the DVD sets.

Rachael Cooper


I have bought two sheep DVDs off you and they are great. It was seeing Adam on Countryfile that made us decide to get some land and buy some Ryeland sheep. We will have our first lambs end of April. All I have to do now is make it pay for itself!

Thankyou, keep up the good work.

Martin Burden


I thought the first of the series excellent - not had time to see all of them yet though!

There is extensive coverage of all aspects of sheep and the DVD is a great introduction to the subject allowing selection of the right breed and management system for your needs and farm situation.

Dr John Vipond, Sheep Spcialist SAC (Scottish Agricultural College)


The second DVD in the series arrived today, and we’ve already watched it!  I’m not just being polite, but it really is brilliant.  The content and the presenters make things so clear and simple.

Added to the first and third DVDs that we already have in our collection, this makes a remarkable and informative series of programmes that would refresh experienced sheep keeper’s knowledge whilst allowing those new to sheep-keeping the chance to gain all the information they need to keep a healthy and happy flock.

Stephen Pickup


I very much enjoyed the first two DVD's in the series and even though I've kept sheep for a number of years, found the films very informative and picked up a few very useful tips.

Steve Wilson, Ceredigion