Sample Flock Health Plan

The purpose of a Flock Health Plan is to create a planned, managed approach to flock health so that preventative treatments are given at the most appropriate time of the year, and the shepherd is forewarned of specific seasonal health risks to his or her flock throughout the year.

Treatments and risks will vary between different parts of the country, and your own vet will be able to advise timings and measures appropriate to your flock.

The following chart is a template for a typical Flock Health Plan, designed for a lowland flock in the South of England, lambing in late March.

Text in blue indicates measures that may be taken for specific on-farm conditions; again, your own vet will advise if they are appropriate for your flock. Similarly, there may be additional management practices and treatments that your vet will recommend for your particular circumstances, for example, blood testing for scrapie-monitored or accredited flocks.

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dvd-setFor further health & welfare information, see 'Managing Your Flock for Peak Health', programme 2 in the DVD series 'Sheep on Your Smallholding'.