The Breeding Flock


'The Breeding Flock' describes every stage of the breeding year and discusses how the enlightened flock keeper can manage breeding in a way that can reduce both lamb and ewe problems, and minimise human intervention. Including advice and demonstrations from specialist vets and sheep experts, this DVD will help you to understand the increased welfare needs of a breeding flock, and how to create a plan that will guide you throughout the year.

Presented by Adam Henson.

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'The Breeding Flock' includes the following easy to access modules:

1. Health planning & managed breeding
2. Ram selection & preparation for breeding
3. Ewe selection & preparation for breeding
4. Failure to conceive & abortion
5. Pregnancy management & nutrition of the ewe
6. Problems & diseases of pregnancy
7. Preparation for lambing
8. Normal lambing and the newborn lamb
9. Problems with lambing
10. Fostering and artificial rearing
11. Diseases of the young lamb & care of the lamb
12. The growing lamb: weaning & finishing
13. Looking forward with your flock

Product Details

Format: Widescreen, 16:9, PAL
Language: English
Region: 2 PAL
Classification: Exempt
Running Time: 2 Hrs 20 Mins
Release date: 2010

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