The Smallholder Series DVDs

The Smallholder Series DVDs are a range of unique and exciting programmes that provide expert guidance to help and inspire smallholders, farmers, livestock owners and anyone interested in country living, in a way that is both engaging and educational.

sheep-dvds-buy-nowPresented by Adam Henson, our DVDs give you hands on experience in all your livestock tasks and feature demonstrations with vets and experts in animal health and husbandry. The programmes feature real people who have embarked on the smallholding way of life, and details their first and continuing steps into their own profitable enterprises.

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Sheep on Your Smallholding

Our popular series, 'Sheep on Your Smallholding', includes over 9 hours of guidance from experts in sheep health and husbandry. The series comprises of four programmes:

sheep_cover1_angledarrow Establishing Your Flock

arrow Managing Your Flock for Peak Health

arrow The Breeding Flock

arrow Sheep for Business, Enterprise & Profit


You can purchase the DVDs from our online shop for £20.50 each, or £74 for the complete four DVD set.

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Smallholding Skills

Our new series, 'Smallholding Skills' has been designed to help smallholders and farmers improve their skills and develop their enterprises.




arrow A Guide to Sheep Butchery

arrow A Guide to Showing Sheep



 Adam Henson - presenter

adam_henson_smlAdam is probably best known to the general public as a regular presenter on BBC1’s Countryfile (although he has also appeared on Sky TV, Central News and Top Gear, among others!). He also does work for Radio Gloucestershire, has presented for Radio 4, and writes for the monthly Countryfile magazine.

However, more than any of these things, Adam is a farmer.  Like his father before him, he runs the 650-hectare Bemborough Farm, a fully commercial operation, and the Cotswold Farm Park visitor attraction, which pioneers rare breed conservation and was the first Rare Breeds Survival Trust centre in the country.

Adam’s wealth of experience in farming and his lifelong interest in native species, allied to his lively personality, made him our first choice to be the “face and voice” of the Smallholder Series.  Luckily for us, he too thought that it was a great project, and enthusiastically agreed to be a part of it.

We have since found him to be great fun to work with, and a real bonus when finding contributors –the respect that smallholders, farmers and consultants have for his wide knowledge of farming matters means that they are always keen to talk to Adam!