Quick Guide to Pig Terms

Do you know any other terms we haven’t included? Let us know, and we’ll add them in.


  • Bacon - pigmeat that is factory processed and cured after grading to very strict standards
  • Baconers - pigs between the weight of 86 - 104 kg
  • Barrow - castrated male pig
  • Boar - uncastrated male pig over six months of age destined as a sire
  • Cutters - pigs between the weight of 76 - 85 kg
  • Farrowing – pregnancy in pigs
  • Farrowing Rail - a wooden or more often metal rail that runs along at least one side of a pigs enclosure whilst she is farrowing
  • Gilt - Young female pig, has not produced first litter (up to first farrowing)
  • Hog - castrated male pig
  • Manufacturing - pigs are processed in the factory to provide pork, bacon, hams, pies, sausages, tinned and other meat products
  • Piglet - Young pig that is suckling from its mother
  • Pig nuts - small 'dry' feed pellets made of cereals and natural additives which form the basis of many pigs diets
  • Pork - Fresh pig meat
  • Porker - breed of pig for good pork meat cuts. Lightweight Porkers are about 60kg live weight. Heavy Porkers or Cutters are around 80kg live weight
  • Stores - 10-12 weeks old
  • Sow - female pig after she has had her first litter
  • Weaner - five-eight weeks old